Living in Majorca – what surprised me when I came to Majorca?

Living in Majorca can be a nuisance. When you go abroad on holiday, you don’t see so many differences. However, when you move here and start looking for an apartment, or even go to local stores, differences begin to appear. Most things are very similar to what we have in Poland, but there are a few disturbing everyday differences.

Salt water in the tap.

Tap water is salty. You can’t drink it, you can’t make coffee or tea with it. And your bath will become completely different. Your skin will react a little differently to this. You will also start brushing your teeth with salt water and toothpaste. The worst is when you want to wash the soap off yourself. Sometimes it takes forever, haha! Therefore, unfortunately, the next expense is buying drinking water. We cook on tap water, but I admit that in critical situations we drink and a cup of salt water! Mniami! Of course, the salinity of tap water varies. There is no salt water in some areas of Majorca.

No electrical connection in the bathrooms.

Okay, I understand because it’s dangerous. In Spain (also in England) there are no contacts in the bathrooms. Of course, we also need to pay attention to the fact that the bathrooms here have huge moisture. And water droplets settle on contacts. It is much drier in Poland. However, as in Poland, contacts in the bathroom are rather the norm, here it is difficult to get used to the fact that in order to dry your hair you have to go to another room. I immediately add that there are exceptions to the rule. Don’t eat me. I know that some of you living in Spain have contacts in the bathrooms.

Small windows in the bathroom or lack of them.

In England, just like here, the bathroom windows are very small. While in England I met with ventilators, I did not find them in Spain. Of course, it also depends on the apartment. Does this bother you? Yes, of course. The bathrooms are much darker. The mirrors are fogged up. To quickly dry the bathroom, it would be best to do a draft. In this way, the steam escapes to the rest of the apartment. And our apartment is getting wet. It is best to invest in a dehumidifier (especially in winter). Of course, I emphasize again – everything depends where and for how much.

mieszkanie na majorce

You think – living in Majorca is enough – why do I need internet? Here, too, I must be careful not to eat me. In the capital, Palma and in many other larger cities, Fiber Optica is already installed – optical fiber, i.e. mega fast internet. Unfortunately, if you live on the other side of the island or in a remote area – your internet will be so poor that you will probably prefer to give it up completely. Internet charges are high and megabytes are still low. You have to work really hard to get better services or a price. Let’s skip the fact that it takes a long time to install internet. As for the performance of any other service in Majorca, as long as you do not live in or near the capital.

No heating in the apartments.

Majority apartments in Majorca are neither insulated nor have heating. This is a really big problem in winter. People save themselves with electric farel or gas cylinder heating. Some also install air conditioning with heating function, but it is an expensive investment and really not profitable. Adding the fact that most people here rent apartments and do not want to invest in this type of thing. The same goes for hotels. If you plan to arrive in Majorca in winter, make sure your hotel has heating and extra blankets.

Closing stores during siesta.

Massacre. At the beginning it was hard for me to get used to it. Of course, big stores like Lidl, Carrefour and Mercadona are open even on Sundays. However, many restaurants or roadside shops, local greengrocers or clothes stores close at siesta time. Usually around 14.00. On Saturdays and Sundays, most stores close earlier than usual. Even offices can close their premises for siesta time. The same applies to pharmacies.

There are special places when You can buy cigarettes.

You can buy them only in the shop called TABACOS. Or in the bars or shops with cigarettes machines. You cannot buy them in petrol stations or supermarkets. When Tabacos or bars are closed – You will not buy cigarettes. Sorry not sorry.

living in majorca
Living in Majorca – closed restaurants, hotels, winter attractions.

As most of you know, Majorca is warm in the winter, but not enough to attract the mass of tourists as during the summer. For this reason, tourism in Majorca operates mainly only in the summer. From May to October. In the middle of October you can already see that many restaurants, hotels and attractions are slowly closing. For residents it is time to relax. However, at some point it starts to bother.

There is nowhere to go, there is nowhere to eat when on the road.

You need to plan everything more carefully if you don’t want to end up in Mac again. Even some gas stations on the routes are closed for the winter. The same applies to some pharmacies, clothing stores or local greengrocers. It is the perfect time for a quiet tour of the island and relax, photo sessions on empty beaches. Prices are going down. However, for the island’s inhabitants, this is quite a minus.

Living in Majorca – public transport.

Hold me because … I can’t stand it. Public transport in Majorca can raise pressure even in summer. However, this is already exaggerating in winter. Of course, buses have a different schedule, which you can get in tourist information, check on the TIB website ( and google maps. I will add immediately that Google Maps is updated a little later, so it’s best to check the schedule on the official public transport page. In winter, you will often encounter a situation where you are waiting for a bus and it will simply not come

By calling the hotline, you’ll always get some excuse.

In addition, they will tell you that the bus will be here soon and it is gone. After 30 minutes he is still gone. And then you stand at the stop like this stake and think. I fucking ***, as soon as I go, he will come to the bank. Do you have it too? What a waste of time, haha! Here, too, I must point out that this applies to the area outside the capital.

Living in Majorca – hairdresser, beautician, services.

It’s hard to find a good hairdresser here. In Poland, I must admit, we are used to a really high standard of services and customer service. It’s difficult here, especially in a remote area. All the time I emphasize that the capital – Palma, is completely different. Here the hairdresser can’t dye his hair, he can’t style his hair nicely.

Making nails literally threatens them with loss.

Repairing a computer or twisting furniture is a miracle. Installing the internet, TV antenna or other takes all day. Usually it turns out on the spot that the technician doesn’t have the part and has to go somewhere, get something there and come back in a while. When? Does not know. It is different, sometimes comes back, sometimes not. Sometimes he returns to the day after tomorrow. It should also be added that if you do not live in Palma, you must take into account the additional costs for transport.

mieszkanie na majorce

Living in Majorca – the biggest drawback.

Only now I don’t know if it is a defect. Depends on who. In Majorca it is very difficult to find a job out of season. The easiest way to find a job for the whole year in supermarkets or call centers. However, it is known that not everyone is satisfied. Especially since the payment in such places is poor. Usually, in the winter in Majorca, there are people who are called antiguos – those who have been working in this place for many years and have privileges. If you’re new, you probably won’t get a job for a whole year. If you care about year-round work and you are planning a trip to Majorca, then think carefully.

Living on savings throughout the winter.

If you have worked for 6 months, you have the right to apply for a grant from you, which is about 450 euros per month. During the winter, you make a living from season savings and benefits. However, if you go abroad after the season, for example to Poland, for more than 14 days, you must report it to the office. Then the support is stopped. It is renewed when you return to Majorca. It is illegal to collect a payment while you are abroad. Therefore, if you plan to live in Majorca all year round, plan your expenses. Remember that in winter you have to live on savings and benefits.

Living in Majorca – knowledge of foreign languages.

Three languages ​​are spoken in Majorca. Castellano, Catalan and Mallorquin. Castellano is “ordinary” Spanish, Catalan, Catalan, which is used in schools, offices, etc. Of course, if you know Castellano, then everyone also speaks Castellano, so you can get along. The next language is Mallorquin, or Mallorcan. Native Majorkans use it. Rather among themselves. You don’t need to know these languages. All you need is you know Castellano.

Speaking of languages, let me add that if you want to work here, you must know Spanish, English or German.

Many Germans come to Majorca, which is why knowledge of this language is very useful at work. Almost everyone speaks German on the island. English is also useful here, but you will usually be asked if you know German, not English, when giving away your CV. You can know Spanish but you don’t have to. You will learn during. However, the basics are seen. Depends on the employer.

mieszkanie na majorce
No gutters and window sills or persians.

This is not a flaw, but the post also tells me what surprised me when I moved here. Yes, there are no gutters here. Usually there are built-in pipes here that drain water into the street. The roofs are built at an angle so that the water drips into the pipes. No window sills – I have no idea why they are not here. Of course, it happens that they are. It depends where, but you’ll mostly notice that they aren’t there. Persians – to be honest I have no idea how to define it. They are usually wooden, although there are also metal – modern, doors covering the windows. The Persians have a function similar to windows. In addition, they add shade and protect against wind. Currently, the Persians serve nothing. You can also mount blinds yourself.

It is difficult to buy a gas and electric kettle here.

This is not a huge disadvantage, but it is a bit funny. In the local stores you don’t get a kettle that easily. We only managed to get him at IKEA – again Palma. As you can see, we’re moving back a bit outside the capital, haha. I suspect that this is related to the fact that Spaniards drink morning coffee in bars. And they also eat in them. I even heard that Spaniards boil water for tea or coffee in the microwave. It should also be emphasized that Spaniards do not drink tea. They definitely prefer coffee.

Living in Majorca – banks and post office.

Banks and post office are only open until 14:00. The exception is Thursday, where the bank is open a little longer. The bank also has no branches in shopping centers. And since you usually work until 14 or 15 in Spain, there is NO chance to settle ANY matter. Well, unless on a day off. I warn you immediately – and in the bank and post office there is such a disorder that sometimes it is difficult to do something. Of course, everything depends on the person who serves you. But trust me, sometimes it is hard, haha!

living in majorca

Spaniards usually celebrate Christmas Eve away from home, and New Year’s Eve with the family.

Yes. Here on Christmas Eve you go to restaurants. A table is ordered in advance and the whole family goes out to dinner. The same applies to the holiday of Sant Antoni. Restaurants open holiday reservations and gather people together. Birthdays and all other occasions are also celebrated in restaurants. People are not invited home here. I don’t think it’s bad. I think it’s good. Think people are becoming more open then. New Year’s Eve is celebrated at home, with the family. At midnight 12 grapes are eaten. After which nothing unusual happens. There are no fireworks or major parties in Majorca because of this. Of course, we skip Palme.

Spaniards do not attach much importance to cleanliness, even when eating.

Many Spaniards do not wash meat before cooking, frying or baking. He eats them straight from the grill container, etc. Spaniards are not disturbed by the fungus caused by moisture in their home. They don’t care about the appearance of their apartment. They don’t mind the full mish you have. Often don’t care about themselves. Usually, when you enter your friend’s car, you will not know where to sit. Of course, there are exceptions! This is not the case with everyone! Ah, and definitely – Spaniards are sissies, and Spaniards are dolls that do not like to dirty their hands with work. Also, it depends who, what, how and where. However, I think he has such a vast majority. Ah, they are also late. It is not worth coming on time, because they will not be there anyway.

So many minuses, now we are flying with pluses!

Living in Majorca is not that bad, of course. However, this is not a life of roses. It’s always easier to complain than to see the possibilities in what seems like a terrible solution at first glance. I lived and worked in Poland, then I lived and worked in England, now I live and work in Majorca. I worked in warehouses, in stores and I currently work at the reception. What will happen next, we will see. However, after so many changes,

I can say that every job teaches something.

And I am glad that I undertook to go abroad and experience all this. I have always thought that work in Poland does not make sense, that so much is required and so little paid. I will enlighten some of you – it’s everywhere. You will never be satisfied with the payment. There will always be someone who will do less than you and earn the same or more. There will always be someone who will upset you unearthly.

Beautiful weather virtually all year.

I will not provide statistics here in which month is the warmest. The main thing is that most of the year the sun shines here and you can enjoy it. And in addition, in some months, without tourists. You can enjoy the beach, which is only for you. You can read a book on the beach, have a coffee, have breakfast, in silence, loneliness. Listening to the sound of waves, admiring nature. Deck chairs disappear from the beaches, the beach is quite empty. Weather in winter, sometimes conducive to bathing and sunbathing. And winter sightseeing is pure pleasure. Prices are also falling.

calo des moro mallorca

Living in Majorca and work – you work only in the season.

This is both a minus and a plus. When I arrived in Majorca I thought that I would find a way out and work all year. Now, even when he writes it, he laughs to himself. Maybe someday I will be able to find a job that I will do on the island all year round, but at the moment it is IMPOSSIBLE in the place where I live. You can devote a lot of time to your work. You can take care of your hobby in 100% or go and travel and you can go visit your family or sign up for courses organized by your office, you can grow. Or you can lie down and do nothing. The choice is yours, there are plenty of possibilities.

You get to know the local culture, make new friends.

If you start working abroad, you will definitely get to know the local culture in some part. Spain is great because the people here are simply wonderful. I have never met such open people before. The English are also open and friendly, but Spain is a different level. Everyone will know each other in Majorca, actually in your city. If you are open enough, Spaniards will be happy to make friends with you. They will go for coffee, wine, and dinner at Christmas. And they will always help when you ask for it. They will tell you a lot about Spain, willingly help with learning the Spanish language, and even show cool spots and tell you a bit about history.

The kitchen here.

I definitely prefer Italian cuisine, but Spanish is not bad either. Who doesn’t like Tapas and Sangria? I will not mention the famous paella, which every tourist should try when in Majorca! Majorca also has many other specialties that are worth trying, but a separate post will appear. Spaniards love their cuisine and are attached to the time at which meals are eaten. For them, a meal is an important part of the day. I’ve never had breakfast in the city before, now – as soon as I can, I’m going to bocadillo de pollo with Piotr! Here I have to add that the Spaniards are having dinner, especially in the summer, very late. At 22 or even later. Their dinner looks like our dinner.

Living in Majorca and the Spanish language.

I hear from many people that Spanish is beautiful. Many people dream of learning it. Everyone says that the language sounds beautiful and the Spanish are gesturing a lot. Which only adds grace and charm to this language. I will agree with that. As soon as I came here, I fell in love with this language and wanted to learn it terribly. Now I’m fed up with it, but that’s how it is learned, haha! A big plus in Majorca is that you will struggle with this beautiful language every day. And unfortunately also with Majorkinski and Catalan, haha, but that’s another story.

Beautiful landscapes, wonderful beaches and a lot of monuments!

Living in Majorca gives you the opportunity to visit it. Not to mention the resident discount for travel to Spain. On Majorca, people come for beaches, beautiful views, crystal clear waters. There is really something to hang the eye on here. Because there are so many beautiful places, it is difficult to see them all during one stay. Most beaches are sandy, but there are plenty of wild beaches that are rocky. Everyone will find something for themselves in Majorca. Do you like walking in the mountains? Serra de Tramuntana. Do you love diving? Cala S´almonia, Cala Morlanda, wild beaches of Formentor. Do you love endless beaches and the sea? Playa Es Trenc and Playa Muro. Palm trees on the beach? El Arenal Events? Magaluf. It can be exchanged and exchanged. There will also be historic villas, castles and remains of settlers. Majorca has everything.

Spaniards are very helpful, always smiling and funny.

If Spain is the first country to move to. You will definitely feel a HUGE difference. Everyone walks here smiling. Everyone will be interested in you, everyone will talk to you and everyone will talk to you and help and everyone will be delightful to you. Of course, as long as you are nice to him. Nobody works here like a cyborg. It doesn’t force you to be kind. Everyone here is just like that by nature.

living in majorca
Of course, there will always be fewer pluses than minuses.

Cons, however, are often very wrong. Like salt water at the tap or a price difference or a small window in the bathroom. You can really get used to these things. In fact, wherever you are, you’ll find minuses everywhere. I moved to Majorca for several reasons. For beautiful weather most of the year. In England, I had depression all the time because of the rain. To fulfill the dream of living in warm countries. Exactly. I wouldn’t give it to myself if I didn’t try.

We met with Piotr in Majorca.

His parents live here. If I did not take the opportunity to move to Majorca, having so much “downhill”, I would spit in my chin. We were simply unhappy in England. We earned good money, hard physical work. This money landed in fast food and shopping because we were so comforting. When our contract for the flat was over and there were no new opportunities on the horizon, the decision was made. Time to change everything. We bought tickets. And although it was very hard at the beginning. Now we are very happy. Living in Majorca is not that bad!