Dangerous animals in Majorca.

Dangerous animals in Majorca, of course, also exist. Since I live here I have not encountered any danger. Neither in water nor on land. However, when I was on Majorca on vacation, I had a small accident with sea urchins on the rocks, in the sea. There are dangerous animals in Majorca. There are many dangers in the water here. However, I don’t think there is anything to be afraid of. Especially since the water in the sea in Majorca is crystal clear and everything can be seen.

Honestly? I would be more afraid that I would step on a piece of plastic stuck in the sand in the water than that a moray bite me or eat a shark.

Speaking of sharks. Yes, in Majorca there are cases where people saw a shark. This, however, is definitely very rare. Rather, sharks come to Majorca, which have got lost and are already on the verge of being exhausted. They usually die in Majorcan bays and are then taken from the sea or simply found on the shore. In winter, probably 2018, on the beach in Cala Millor the sea threw a huge whale. Can you imagine that? He was already dead. A lot of plastic was found in his stomach and that was the reason for his death.

In this post, in addition to dangerous animals, I will also describe to you one bacterium that is worth knowing about, and plagues that are found in Majorca!

Dangerous animals in Majorca – sea urchins.

Those unfortunate sea urchins. I’ll tell you my story. I will immediately add that I was slightly drunk and did not think at all what I do. I went into the water, on the rocks, in a place where people rarely come. This part of the beach is rather reserved for fishermen. People don’t come there because it is uncomfortable, there are plenty of rocks and stones. I got into the water and my feet started to hurt – well, but I’m finally on the rocks, and the pain wasn’t so bad that I could tell it was something else. After leaving the water I had a feeling of aching feet.

I asked Piotr, my boyfriend if I have anything in my feet – he didn’t see anything.

The same day in the evening it turned out that some dots appeared on my feet. I had no idea what was going on yet. I went to sleep and in the morning I couldn’t get to my feet. No, not swollen, no, I didn’t get paralyzed. Just walking hurt me. The dots have become larger. I guessed they were sea urchins. Yes, I piss on my feet. That’s how I dipped my feet in water, in water with vinegar. Fortunately, I didn’t go any further and didn’t make people pee on their feet, haha! I went to the hospital, after a few hours at SOR, I found that I had it somewhere and came back home. Next day I went to a private doctor.

The doctor told me that surgery is needed with anesthesia from the waist down.

He said that I got into a swarm of sea urchins, said I was reckless and threw me such an amount for the surgery that I left immediately. He seems to have hit something, I don’t know. The more that the next day I had a flight to Malta, for 10 days. So what? I flew to Malta. After a few days of walking with the pain in my feet, which I got used to, the pain began to affect me a little more.

It turned out that my body rejected the spikes and protruded from the foot so much that I could pull them out with the tweezers. My friends helped me, haha! Such a mini operation, only without anesthesia from the waist down and it’s free! Of course, I do not recommend duplicating my behavior. I only describe to you how it looked in my case – you will do what you think is the best.

Dangerous animals in Majorca – is there anything to be afraid of?

There is always something to be afraid of. There is always a risk that something will happen to someone. That is why I recommend you take out insurance before the holidays and obtain a European health card that will provide you with free care in hospitals in Europe.

Of course, not in every case, but it is always insurance. Insurance depends on the amount paid monthly and the thresholds provided by the insurers. Do a thorough interview! And remember that insurance companies don’t work right away. First you have to go through a trial period, also take care of insurance well before the holidays!

Dangerous animals in Majorca – what dangerous awaits us in the sea?

Dangerous species arrive in Majorca as the waters warm up. And due to climate change, the Balearic waters are warming up every year. So in the sea you can find more species of puffer fish that have poison in them, deadly to humans.
One such fish is Sphoeroides pachygaster.
Another fish, colloquially called tamboril, and professionally Lagocephalus lagocephalus.
And here two more names: Lagocephalus sceleratus and Diodon hystrix

All of the above-mentioned fish are species of the pufferfish family. Most of these fish are usually seen in the oceans. As I mentioned above, it happens that they go to Mediterranean waters. However, they are in the depths, not on the shore. And they are VERY rare. However, it is worth mentioning them. Another thing worth mentioning is that these fish produce a toxin that is lethal to humans. In Japan, however, these fish are considered a delicacy. Before they land in the pan, the intestines in which the highest concentration of toxins are found are removed. MASSACRE.

Dangerous animals in Majorca – what else to avoid in the sea?

Barracuda – a predator fish that CAN bite, but only in self-defense. It reaches a length of up to about a meter and lives in the rocks, at the bottom. You should not upset this fish or swim close to it.
Congrio – fish similar to eel. He has teeth, he CAN bite, but again only in self-defense. It reaches a length of over 3 meters. It lives in deep water and grass. Don’t fret !!
Escorpora – a species of fish that usually hides in rocks and corals. She is usually at a depth of 15 to 70 meters, so it will be hard to meet her. However, it is full of thorns. If you meet this fish, then don’t go near it. He has venom in the thorns.
Stingrays – I don’t think I need to explain that. There is deadly venom in their spine. I advise you to avoid it! However, rays are found in the depths rather than at the edge.

Dangerous animals in Mallorca – jellyfish!

Jellyfish – in Majorca, jellyfish are often found that are transparent or pink in color. Often their tentacles / wings are really several centimeters long. If there are jellyfish on the beach – there should be white flags on the rescue booth, with blue jellyfish printed on them. Avoid getting into the water, especially for children! If it happens that you get burned by a jellyfish, do not wipe the wound with a towel or pour burns with plain water, because it increases the pain.

First, remove the tentacles / wings from the wound. Not with your hands, only with a tweezer or a corner of a credit card, for example. Go to a nearby restaurant or grocery store and pour an OCTEM burn. Do not pee or pour alcohol on the wound. Use only iodine for disinfection (not immediately, only when cleansing the wound, for example on the second day). After cleaning the wound, it is worth applying ice to it for 10-15 minutes.

Dangerous animals in Majorca – octopus and Portuguese sailor.

Carabela Portugesa – this is a dark blue / purple jellyfish. This is the simplest description I can treat you. It is a jellyfish-like species. Scalded burns can cause death in the most severe cases. Symptoms of burns are severe itching in the place affected by the creature. May cause vomiting, severe pain and fever. If you feel symptoms, you should remove the creeps / tentacles from your body and pour the wound on salt water or alcohol. NEVER ORDINARY WATER, because it intensifies pain.

Octopus – all octopuses contain venom. However, only the Hapalochlaen type has a concentration that can kill a person. I, if I saw an octopus, would make a call. I would be afraid of her tentacles and the ink they shoot when defending myself! And I advise you to stay away from them.

Dangerous animals in Mallorca – poisonous fish spider and moray eels!

Pez araña – in the dorsal fins of this fish there are spines with venom. They attack divers many times, especially during mating season (June-August), because they consider divers as intruders, violating their territory! Watch out too. This fish lives in the depths and hides in the sand, because of its appearance, it masks perfectly. If you step on or get touched by the spike of this fish, you should definitely go to the hospital.

Before this happens, pull out the visible spines from the wound and for 30 minutes pour the wounded area with hot water (45 degrees – no more!). Avoid cooling the wound, because it will spread the poison further, you should not suck venom, etc. .. Venom in the body causes fever, vibrations, vomiting, respiratory failure. In the worst case, it causes gangrene and stops blood circulation in the area and around it.

Murena – this fish is also found in rocks and deeps. Divers and fishermen are afraid of this fish because it is aggressive. He guards his territory and as soon as you approach her, he can bite in self-defense. Her bite is painful and in the worst cases she gets an infection because her teeth are not the cleanest. We stay far away.

Dangerous animals in Majorca – plagues on the Balearic Islands!

Unbearable, which cannot be permanently removed due to their rapid movement and reproduction. Here they are:

Mosquito tigre – a tiger mosquito. Their bite is painful and can cause allergies and also transmit various diseases. Like most mosquitoes.
La oruga procesionaria – a processional caterpillar. These caterpillars begin to pinch when in contact with the skin. They cause burns, so it’s important not to touch them and avoid any contact with them, especially around the eyes. You also have to watch out for our pets, which, due to their curiosity, can lick the caterpillars.

Then the tongue swells and in the worst cases the animal can suffocate. Caterpillars are butterfly larvae that form cocoons on pine trees, the so-called los pinos, of which there are plenty in Majorca. Caterpillars have a bad effect on trees, weaken them but do not destroy them. Every year, pine trees are sprayed with a special preparation and in winter the cocoons are shot off from trees.

Plagues in Majorca that harm nature:

El picudo rojo – a red worm, or rather a beetle, which came to Majorca from Egypt, during the import of palm trees. This worm is not harmful to humans, but to palm trees. Worms eat palms from the inside.
La mariposa Paysandisia – another butterfly larvae that destroy species of palm trees on the island. They start with eating leaves and end with eating palms from the inside. Scientists say that in the next 25 years, the species of Palm in Majorca may disappear by.

El escarabajo banyarriquer – a beetle that eats oaks in Majorca, which occur mainly in the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana. Another scourge, not harmful to humans, only to plants.
La avispa asiática (Vespa velutina) – An Asian wasp that eats local bees, which can reduce local honey production by up to 30%. Asian wasp is dangerous to man, its bite can cause death.
Xylella fastidiosa – a type of bacteria that destroys plants. Such as grapes, olive trees and almond trees. In Majorca, there are more and more bacteria from year to year.

Dangerous animals in Majorca – snakes and cockroaches!

Serpiente de Herradura – a snake that is not venomous, and its bite is comparable to the pain of a cat bite. This has no consequences for humans. In Majorca, the population of this snake is growing every year.

Las cucarachas – disgusting cockroaches. These are worms that carry a lot of diseases. They move them because they live in humid and warm places, such as sewage system. They will be found in buckets, leftovers and even in faeces. And they carry all the bacteria they encountered there. Most often they appear in bathrooms and kitchens at home. These are the worst places, because they cover bacteria with dishes and cutlery, and in the bathroom, for example, our sponges, brushes or toilet paper. Cockroaches even cause allergies. Don’t kill them with the slipper. This will spread the bacteria throughout the house. Do it in such a way that it does not spread bacteria.

Dangerous animals in Majorca – scorpion and escolopendra!

Scorpion – yellow scorpions are found in Majorca, they do not occur very often, so if you are afraid that it will pinch you, then this is very unlikely. Scorpions live in the rocks, hide in them, in the shade, in slightly cooler places. Of course you can also see them in the middle of the day. When you disturb them, they are able to bite. Their bite hurts, scorpions are venomous, but without much danger to humans. It happens that after a bite, the body goes numb and convulsions and the like occur, but these are rather typical allergic reactions. If a scorpion bites you – wash the wound with water, apply ice, stop circulation in the stung limb and go to the hospital. Be sure to consult a doctor who will instruct you on what to do next.

Escolopendra – this disgusting bite is very painful and causes a large swelling at the bite site. The creature is venomous and often bites around the bite when bitten. Escolopendra also occurs in rocks, in dark cracks. Before you pick up any stone or want to put your hand somewhere, make sure they are not there. If you notice it, move it to another place, BUT NEVER HAND. Always use an item. If it bites you, wash the wound with water, apply ice and consult a doctor. The poison can also have more serious effects on allergy sufferers.

A bacterium that can occur in Majorca:

Legionella – this bacterium occurs in water – in ponds, lakes, drinking water. It can also spread in the air in the form of mist. This bacterium causes lung disease and respiratory failure. Sometimes it caused death eventually. However, there are very few cases. In Majorca, there were cases (in sports centers) where the amount of bacteria in the water was too high. It is eliminated due to the high chlorine content in the water. Fortunately, all the hotels and restaurants in Majorca are tested annually by the relevant institutes in this respect. As a consolation I will add that in the hotel where I work every month a water inspector comes and checks its quality in different rooms.

I saved you pictures of bacteria and worms. I know that most of you certainly know what cockroaches look like, for this reason I did not add any drastic pictures here. After writing this post, everything is itching, haha! I hope that I helped you a bit.

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