Why S’illot?

In S’illot – Majorca live my parents-in-law. Thanks to them, we are able to have a good start. Renting a flat in Majorca ends up with spending a lot of money investing in someone’s pocket. The costs are enormous and very high for the quality of apartments or rooms offered by real estate agents or private tenants. That’s why S’illot was our choice. Despite the savings, we decided to stay with our parents.

We knew that We will need some time, that’s why we decided to start slowly…

And we were right. You can not find a job right away (if it comes to winter season). To start it, you need to get the number N.I.E. To work in a better position, you definitely need to be fluent in Spanish. I can not do this either. That’s why I signed up for a Spanish course here. Here is a link to the post about the course I’m attending: https://namajorce.pl/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/spanish-course-in-majorca/.Piotrek spent most of his childhood in this area. He has friends here and we feel safer here, more freely. I willingly agreed to this choice, because here we met and here I spent my first days in Mallorca.

S’illot – Majorca

S’illot is a town where we live. What I like most about it is that despite the fact that there are a lot of hotels around, and three minutes from the house we have a beach, it is still quiet here. In the morning, roasting roosters awaken us, when I go out to the balcony, the view stretches out to sea and mountains. S’illot, Sa Coma and Cala Morlanda are literally a few hundred meters apart. You can go between these towns in 20 minutes.

S’illot – Majorca has its own beach.

It is much smaller than the one in Sa Coma, but it is equally beautiful. There is a small harbor next to it, and lots of restaurants behind it. Here, however, there is not enough space to take advantage of all the water attractions. Despite this, there are scooters and paddleboards for rent – surfboards, but they are accompanied by paddles, thanks to which you push back. The fun is to keep your balance on it while rowing. One of my favorite things in these places is the bike path. It is pulled along the coast. You can cross it through all the beaches on the coast, but I like the S’illot – Cala Morlanda section the most.

S’illot is one of the most famous one in Majorca!

The whole day and night is full of life here. People can be heard walking in the streets. Cars pass every now and then, with loudly reacted music and other Spanish rhythms. And at night, motorcycles sound like roaring cows. That’s how life in S’illot looks like. It rolls slowly and drowsily. Insular climate and well-being. Everyone has time, they are not in a hurry. Many people eat breakfast in a restaurant, necessarily with coffee. Every week, during the season, the market is opened here, which is visited by traders from all of Majorca, offering us various flavors, clothes, jewelry and souvenirs.

In S’illot, opposite the Hotel Mariant there are the remains of Poblat Talaiòtic de S’illot – the village of Talaiotic.

The earliest discoveries date from 2200 BC, and the estate itself dates from around 1100 BC. This place reflects the thalaiotic culture of the Balearic Islands between the end of the second millennium BC and the Punic wars at the end of the first millennium BC. The settlement housed about 200 inhabitants and settlers mainly cultivated agriculture. They also raised pigs, sheep and hunted. The estate was abandoned during the Roman colonization of Majorca in 123 BC.

Is it worth to come to S’illot for a holiday?

Definitely yes. There are plenty of bars and restaurants. S’illot is a small city so that you can get to Sa Coma in five minutes (post about Sa Coma here: https://namajorce.pl/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/sa-coma-majorca/ ) or on Cala Morlanda (post about Cala Morlanda here: https://namajorce.pl/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/cala-morlanda-2/ ) on foot. The beach is not one of the largest, but everyone will calm down here. There are restaurants and hotels by the beach, so there is a place to eat. Rescuers and toilets are on the beach. There is a beautiful promenade by the beach, which you can walk all the way to Cala Bona. In S’illot there is also a mini amusement park for children. There is also a pool table and a mini bar. Answering the question: yes, it’s worth it! There is everything you need for a perfect holiday! 🙂