Polish products in Majorca.

Are Polish products in Majorca easily available? I lived in Manchester for 3 years. There, although I was far from Poland, I had Polish products at my fingertips. Special shelves are created there in Tesco or Asda stores, where you can find pickled cucumbers, danon yogurts, cottage cheese, sausage and many more. In addition, there are many Polish stores in Great Britain. Practically on most estates and they are really well stocked. You can also place orders with them. There will also be various job and meeting offers for Poles.

Polish products in Majorca are not at your fingertips.

The only Polish store in Mallorca is the Krakowiak delicatessen! Here is the link to their page: https://www.minimarketkrakowiak.com/. You can also place orders there. The store is small, but really well stocked. There you will find cottage cheese, dumplings, flour, canned food, alcohol, meat and much more. However, delicatessen is located in the capital, Palma. We live in the east of the island, so shopping in a Polish store involves a 150 kilometer trip. We only use it if we are in the area. Prices in delicatessen are not the lowest, however, please note that these are imported items. In England it was identical. It is also important that when entering this store we always buy up, because we know that we will not see these products for a long time, so the bill is usually well over 100 euros.

Fortunately, there are also Muller drugstores in Majorca.

Drogerie Muller is a German chain store. In addition to cosmetics, we will also find there decorative items and food for pets, paper and food department. I must emphasize that if you are looking for a place where you can find a special kind of cosmetics, then there is a high probability that you will find them there. An additional, big advantage of these power cords is that there we will find products that look very much like our Polish ones. Sausage, sausages, cake flavors, pickled cucumbers and several similar. They are German products, but you know that our flavors are mixed. This is a big plus if you do not live in the capital of Majorca.

Polish products in Majorca are therefore not popular.

Believe me, living abroad is difficult to switch to their products. We are taught to eat in Polish. Living in England and Majorca, I can confirm that the products differ radically in taste. Our milk and dairy products are very different in taste from English or Spanish. And unfortunately I am not talking about the fact that they taste better. In my opinion, it’s quite the opposite. I also don’t like local hams and sausages. It’s definitely a matter of taste. The bread here also tastes different, just like the cakes made from local flour. Even tomatoes. Here, however, we will eat delicious seafood, great olives, fruit straight from the tree and many more.

I have already learned to cook in Spanish with Spanish products.

Holidays are the worst, where you would like to eat traditional Polish dishes. And here the mayonnaise has a terrible taste, the cream has no percentages, the milk is strange, and pickled mushrooms and peppers are on shelves in Palma. That is why holidays are always associated with a trip to the Polish store, where goods quickly disappear from the shelves. Here, I have to praise the Polish store right away, because due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the ban on leaving home, the owners arranged the delivery of products previously ordered from them by phone. A great initiative! Currently, differences in products do not bother me anymore, but still when I go to Poland I eat dumplings, sour soup, red borscht, croquettes and our wonderful Polish pastries. I miss puzuska already! The taste of these dishes is completely different in Poland. YUMMY!

Prices in Majorca.

Newspapers in 2019 wrote that it is in Majorca, or rather in the capital, that prices of products in supermarkets are the most expensive in all of Spain. Is it true? I do not know. However, I can definitely say that prices in Majorca are high. For all. Of course, you can eat cheap, book a hotel cheaply, or rent a car. All this simply requires a little more research. If you are interested in exact product prices, I recommend following my instagram, where I add prices of the products I bought! You will find everything in the “PRICES” featured. Meanwhile, I recommend you this site, where they update prices every year! https://www.turysta.org/ceny-na-majorce-ile-zaplacimy-za-podstawowe-artykuly-spozywcze-alkohol-papierosy-bilety-nocleg/

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