Natural pool in Majorca, placed in Cala Egos.

A natural pool in Majorca? Few people know about this place at all. Most locals for sure, but this is not an advertised place in Majorca. The best in this case are the guests of the hotel, located just above the pool. Okay, but what’s interesting about some pool? And this is because it is built in the rocks, right on the sea shore.

Natural pool in Majorca is hidden in rocks.

This “natural” pool hidden in the rocks really has no name. You can find it by typing in google Cala Egos or piscina natural mallorca. However, this is not Cala Egos. The pool is located in the town of Cala Egos, but the name of the pool is unknown to anyone. It is simply a natural piscina, or natural pool.

Natural pool in Majorca is not a good idea for swimming during the winter.

The pool is not huge. In summer, it is crowded with many people, especially those from the Aparthotel Roc las Rocas. The swimming pool is located just below the hotel and the pool entrance is easily accessible from its garden. In winter the pool is unusable. In the summer, however, it is cleaned, and the water in it is sea. If you are photography enthusiasts, I definitely recommend going to the pool from the cliff side. Everything will be explained below.

Is it worth to visit this place?

Why is it worth going to this place? At least because it is a really original place in Majorca. There is no other here. The pool is fully surrounded by large boulders and sharp rocks. The view from the pool extends to the sea. In summer, you can admire yachts and ships passing by. If you are planning to go straight to the swimming pool, I recommend entering google maps, the hotel name, that is Hotel Roc Suites Las Rocas. There is a car park next to the hotel. If, however, you immediately want to go to the pool from a height, I recommend going there from the street Carrer des Parc de la Mar. There may be a problem with parking in the summer, but in winter you will easily find a place. The 501 bus will also take you to the hotel.

Natural pool in Majorca – is it good for families with kids?

In my opinion, the pool is not intended for small children. The water in it quickly gets deep, and there is no space for children’s games or inflatable mattresses. There are also no toilets or showers (well, unless we go to the hotel – I do not recommend). I recommend taking water and food with you. There will be restaurants and shops nearby, but before you reach them you will have to go a little bit. There is also no way to spread it comfortably. When driving there, you must know that there are no such amenities as on popular sandy beaches.

What to see around natural pool area?

The natural swimming pool is located in Cala Egos. Nearby you will find a beautiful beach hidden between low cliffs with crystal clear water, also suitable for children. The town of Cala D’or is also nearby. It is full of beautiful bays with sandy beaches. It is full of restaurants, bars and mini amusement parks for children. The charming port town called Portopetro is also nearby. A bit further there will be the Mondrago natural park or the romantic town of Santanyi, where it is worth going for a walk in the evening. A little further are two beaches (hard access), which top the list of the top 10 best beaches in Majorca. Cala S’almonia and Calo des Moro!

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