Cala Mitjana bay, Majorca.

Cala Mitjana bay is a medium-sized bay located on the north-eastern coast of Majorca. It is located between the two bays of Cala Estreta and Cala Torta. It is a nudist beach, but there is also something for lovers of water sports. Such as kayaks, paddle board, rock jumping. Don’t get me wrong! They are not for rent here, but tons of lovers come here with their own equipment!

The beach is sandy and the views are rough. My favorite is definitely its neighboring beach – Cala Torta. Both the beaches I mentioned earlier can be reached on foot, but also by car. There is a wide road by all the beaches, so access by car is no problem! At the beginning the roads are uneven due to stones and unevenness (road washed out by rains). When you reach Cala Mitjana, go to the end! The road is passable, although it can be bumpy at times.

Mitjana bay is an ideal destination for those seeking peace.

The descent to the beach is gentle. It is not guarded. There are no bars or restaurants, not even toilets and showers. The nearest shops are in Arta, a few kilometers from the beaches. When I was on the beach (June), quite a lot of it was covered with algae. It is a wild beach, therefore they are rather not cleaned here. However, the situation may change depending on the municipal authority cleaning the beaches in the region.

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