Majorca will be one of the most extensive categories, due to the fact that we move there. We have no idea how much we will stay there, but I suspect that it will last for several years. That is why I will try to show You guys, all magic of Majorca. You will find here a description of most beaches and bays, some will be less known, others will be more known. I will show more than just places in Majorca. I will try to show their culture, traditions and favorite Spanish dishes. As well as prices, starting with food, ending with renting a car or bikes 🙂

Why choose Majorca?

It is a place that impresses with its nature and views. The water is crystal clear and warm. It is one of the best tropical destinations, located in Europe. In the summer there is beautiful weather here and the island begins to be full of life. There will be something for lovers of luxury, as well as lovers of idyll. Everywhere you can get well organized public transport. It is full of pleasant, atmospheric restaurants.

In the evenings, musicians can be heard on the pedestrian streets, right on the seashore.

Mallorca can not be visited in a week. There are some places that you have to see it. Starting from driving on Sa Calobra with serpentine roads through the cliffs, or Calo des Moro. You can go here on cruises, organized several times a day. You can visit the entire coast of Majorca on the basis of “hop on hop off”. For example, get on the port of Sa Coma, get off at the port of Cala Romantica. At any time, after spent some nice time on Cala Romantica, we can get back on ship and go to the next bay! For choice, for color. Personally, I do not know a more beautiful place. I didn’t see all Majorca, but I give my word that if You come here once, You won’t want to leave.

When is the best time to go to Majorca?

Friends often ask me when to go to Majorca. Most often, they ask me about the months when tickets for this direction are much cheaper. When the flight prices fall, it’s easy to conclude that something must change on this Mallorca. The most beautiful months are May, June, July and August. Peak of the season, millions of tourists pass through the island.

The weather is the most attractive, the days are longest and hot, and the nights are warm.

For the rest of the month, I can not write much. Then the weather is very mixed. It may be that in a given week the sun will shine, and the next day will start to rain. Sometimes You can see streets under water and the beach will disappear, taken by the sea. Winter is very different from summer. There are definitely fewer people in Mallorca during this period. Most of the hotels, restaurants and attractions are closed. Only locals and German pensioners are available here 🙂

What is the climate in Majorca and what are the temperatures there?

Majorca belongs to the Balearic archipelago and is the largest Balearic Island. It lies in the Mediterranean Sea and is characterized by a very diverse landscape. It is very mountainous and at the same time lowland. I wrote that it is hard to see whole Majorca and enjoy her only in one week. It is definitely worth coming here for longer. Due to its construction, Majorca is an ideal place for mountain lovers. As well as for those who love to sunbathe all day on the beach. When it comes to temperatures, I can only write that from November to February temperatures are around 16-20 degrees. In months such as March, April, October and November the temperature will reach around 20-25 degrees. In the peak season – May, June, July, August, September, the temperature can sometimes be over 30 degrees.

I must also add here, that many pages lies about the weather in Mallorca.

It may happen that in January there will be several hot days, and it may happen that in July it will fall hail. So when sunbathing on the beach, may will catch us a storm. That’s how it was in my case 🙂 During my stay in September and October I did not get too much tanning. Despite everything, the weather favors a light dress or swimming in the sea. A few days were cloudy and rainy – perfect for sightseeing.

When it comes to nature … Majorca has many plants burned, due to its heat.

Especially those that are located in the mountains. Some of the forests were on fire, and once beautifully greened mountains are currently bald. In addition, this is increased by tourists who clutter forests, for example by leaving glass bottles behind. However, you can admire there olive groves, orange or lemon trees. It also happens, sporadically, that people in their gardens grow bananas.

Majorca beaches and water temperatures.

Spanish beaches are among the best rated in the world in terms of cleanliness and appearance. Writing a list of the top 10 best beaches in Majorca does not make sense, because most of them are beautiful, the views are breathtaking, the water is crystal clear and warm. Therefore, in the high season all the beaches are crowded and it is difficult to recommend a place to go to, to have beach only for yourself. Most of them are sandy, the sand is golden or white. There are usually many algae in the water and jellyfish often swim in it. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about, because on every beach there should be a lifeguard who immediately reacts and helps.

Beaches and water in Mallorca are some of the most beautiful ones that I had the opportunity to see.

On the beaches there are also flags informing about dangers. You also have to watch out for sea urchins that are hiding in the rocks. I once walked barefoot on the rocks and in both feet I had a few dozen spikes. On the rocks you can often meet fishermen. Whether it’s the peak of the season or winter, they’re always there. Water temperatures range from 14 to 26 degrees. Lower water temperatures are encountered in winter, and the highest in August and September, when the water is warm due to high temperatures. However, there will be people who despite the low temperature, they will swim in the sea anyway. In winter, however, the beaches look completely different. Sunbeds are folded, and on the beaches are piles of dried algae that usually flow to the shore, along with all the “extras” thrown out by the sea.

Majorca is one of the hottest vacation destinations choosen by Polish.

I definitely understand them all, because I’m in love with Majorca. Pictures do not give up 50% of what you see on the spot. You just have to see it with your own eyes! Majorca is a paradise, located in Europe. When you come to Majorca, you will get to know the real island culture and you will not be able to get away from it. I strongly recommend you come here to all who still have mixed feelings about this place 🙂