Formentor and Cala Formentor are places that must be seen while in Majorca.

Cape Formentor is the northernmost part of the island and is an extension of the Serra Tramuntana mountains. The highest elevation is Puig Fumat and it measures 384 m above sea level. The Formentor road is over 13 km of a highway full of curves and serpentines. Comparing it to the Sa Calobra route, I can confidently say that it is much lighter and less stressful. Views while driving are great. You can also find goats there. In many places you can also take a rest or a custom view. There are also special paths for pedestrians.

During a trip to Formentor we pass three places that are definitely worth a visit.

The first is Mirador – a vantage point. There is a car park and restaurant. Parking is free, and the restaurant has a quite pleasant offer and quite low prices. This vantage point offers one of the most famous views of Mallorca. When we last were there, we even saw dolphins. Winter is the perfect time to meet these animals. Parking is not one of the largest, so we recommend you go to Formentor in the morning – especially in high season. In the off season, parking should not be that big.

The second point of the trip is Cala Formentor.

Cala Formentor is a beautiful bay. It is famous for being one of several beaches in Mallorca with a blue flag. The beach is sandy and the views are spread over the mountains there. There are a lot of people in the season and there are sun loungers. In winter, it is much quieter and nicer here. It is also shallow, and the beach is quite wide, but not too long.

Behind the beach, hotels are built, there will also be restaurants and bars.

Cala Formentor is very different from the rest, so I recommend you to choose it. The views of the mountains are wonderful, and the summer is swarming with yachts, which also has its charm. Staying on it definitely improve the pines, which grow on the beach. The parking lot is payable. You can pay 20 euros for the whole day or 0.04 / 0.07 euros per hour – depending on which one you choose.

The third point, and the last one is Cap de Formentor.

Cap de Formentor – in translation it simply means the head of Formentor, or “el fin de Formentor”, which is the end of Formentor. This name refers to the northernmost part of the island. This is where it ends and flows into the sea. There is a famous lantern, which was established in 1863. There is also a restaurant and a car park. You probably have seen many photos from that place. Many people from there have pictures of wild goats that are already tame enough that they eat people from the hand and willingly pose for photos. Everyone who goes to Majorca should stand on the most northern point on the island. Those rocks make an impression. Their size literally scares. It is definitely worth going to those areas, the more that it is a free trip. Something that nature gives us for free.

If you feel unsatisfied after this tour, I recommend you go to the city of Alcudia.

Alcudia is close to Formentor, and the Old Town in the evening is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a romantic walk. Alcudia is appreciated, and the beach is one of the largest in Mallorca. Same as the side of Playa de Muro.