Cala Ratjada is a place that a huge amount of tourists choose to stay at in the summer.

I do not blame them.  It has a very long promenade. Leading from Cala Ratjada to Son Moll. Full of beautiful views, a lot of restaurants, souvenirs shops and pubs. The conversations of people who came here from various corners of the world are heard at every step. Cala Ratjada is a great choice. A small port is also situated next to promenade, and next to it there is a small bay, which divers loves. Because the bay is surrounded by rocks – home for a all the water animals. Nice attraction for diving enthusiasts. BUT I prefer a bay which is next to it – Cala Moll. If I need to be honest with you, then I admit that Cala Moll is one of the most beautiful bays that I have seen. You have a really nice view from the beach – to the yachts and ships which drifts on the sea.

Cala Ratjada and Son Moll are ideal places for people who like luxury.

It is full of pleasant, romantic and innovative restaurants. Personally, I am in love with the glazed terraces overlooking the sea! One of the hotels in Son Moll has such a terrace, right next to the promenade. The view stretches out to the sea and the yachts drifting on it and onto the beach, filled with people. Cala Moll is characterized by huge rocks on its right side. Many people are climbing up to take pictures of themselves. For those curious, who like to walk – I recommend going to the promenade, which is located just behind the beach. Literally 200 meters from Cala Moll you can admire small, wild coves and bays that are not always crowded with people. They are much smaller and more modest, but in my opinion, very landscaped and picturesque! The view of the rocks and the bay stretches for several kilometers.

The surroundings of Cala Ratjada are also very interesting.

Castell de Capdepera is nearby. In the town of Capdepera. We heartily recommend going there, the entrance costs only 4 euros, and the photos, views and memories are unforgettable! Next to it is also one of the most beautiful Majorca bays – Cala Angulla. It is also worth going to the town of Arta – one of the oldest in Majorca! Majorca has everything to offer. Beaches, bays, mountains, forests, beautiful architecture and history. A lot of castles, museums, churches and cathedrals, which attract each other with the appearance and desire to discover the unknown. If I was looking for the perfect place to relax in Majorca, then Cala Ratjada would definitely be on the list! It is definitely worth hooking these places during your stay on this paradise island!