Puerto de Sóller – One of the most expensive destinations in Majorca

Some time ago I was looking for Majorca towns that attracted me by it’s history right away. I wanted to see the towns that are the oldest here. I fall for Puerto de Sóller, Deià and Valldemosa. We live literally at the other side of the island, so I wanted to see everything in one day. I knew it will be a miracle. It’s too hard to enjoy such charming places in two hours.

That is why we missed the town of Deià.

It seemed so beautiful and unique that I have to spend a lot more time in it. All three cities are located close to each other. Hence the idea to visit them all in one day. It is rational if you leave early in the morning and you do not plan to come back soon! All these cities are close to the capital and are really expensive. Still, definitely worth a visit.

  • puerto de sóller
  • puerto de sóller
  • puerto de sóller
Puerto de Sóller is located on the North-West of the island.

Puerto de Sóller is connected with the city of Sóller. Sóller is a very historic town. There are many historical museums, churches, citrus orchards and beautiful old Majorca’s streets. Sóller has its own climate, it is worth going there even to slow down and relax. The biggest attraction for me is the train which is going from Sóller to Palma de Mallorca. You can othervise choose a cheaper option, which is a tram which travels on the Sóller – Puerto de Sóller route. The price is 7 euros per person, one way.

The train is interesting because its route goes through the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.

When traveling by train on the Sóller – Palma de Mallorca route, not only the town but also the entire gorge and citrus orchards are visited. It is a great adventure, full of beautiful views. The railway was built because of the farmers who had to get from Sóller, through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains to Palma de Mallorca. The Sóller oranges (which have been grown so far) grown at that time were famous for their high quality and wonderful taste. Thanks to the hard work of farmers the railway has been build by themselves, which was to facilitate the transport of oranges through the gorge up to Palma. Now we can feel like them, traveling the same route that lasts only an hour. 🙂

What attracts people to Puerto de Sóller?

The answer is very simple. It is a very picturesque place! It is so beautiful that it’s hard for me to describe it so that you will not miss anything. It’s amazing on all sides. The whole port is in the shape of the letter “C”. On one side there is a large port with lots of moored vessels, sailing boats and yachts. Immediately behind them stretches the view of the city’s archipelago. White and cream colour buildings contrast beautifully with the green of the mountains. Going further begins with a sandy beach, followed by a promenade, after which every 10 minutes a historic orange train travels.

The promenade stretches from the harbor to the other end of the bay.

There are plenty of stalls, restaurants, cafes and shops on it. Further on there is a railway station, from which the road leads to the palm alley. I love palm trees, which is why this avenue will remain in my memory for a long time. The perfect place for tropical shots! Along the promenade its continue to stretch the beach. At the end of the bay, there is a lighthouse upstairs. I think the views from there are definitely indescribable.