Nudist beaches in Mallorca – everything you need to know

Nudist beaches in Mallorca – there are really a lot of them, so if you are a nude beach lover, you are in the perfect place. The Spanish are not shy about their nudity. I have heard many times that some people are comfortable with their nudity, even among family members, but also among relatives and in-laws. There are many stereotypes about how the Spanish are not open and tolerant and confident.

Of course, there is something in it. But let’s not kid ourselves – nudity lovers can be found in every country. And if you are going on holiday to Majorca, you should know where to go to spend a day at the beach the way you like. In this post you will find the names of nudist beaches along with their descriptions and some photos.

At the outset I must immediately add that when it comes to nudist beaches on Mallorca, they are usually far from civilisation. Many of them are rocky coves, where access is not at all easy, or simply unguarded beaches. On some of the famous beaches there are also areas where nudists can feel completely comfortable. Under the descriptions of the bays and beaches I will link my blog articles about these places.

Cala s”Almunia – one of the nudist beaches in Mallorca

Cala s’Almunia is a rocky bay located in the south east of the island. It is beautiful, as you will be able to see from the photos. It is a bay where you can freely strip naked, but be warned – most people don’t do this here and some may not be aware that this bay is a nudist site. To get there, you have to park your car in a car park a few kilometres away. The walk there takes about 15 minutes. There are no toilets, shops or restaurants on site.

Platja Es Trenc

Es Trenc beach is a beautiful, long and sandy beach that is very busy in summer. Nudists are also welcome there. Here too I must add that there will be a mass of people around who will not necessarily be undressed. In summer, this place attracts many tourists. Beautiful, transparent and azure water and white sand are typical associations with this place. There is a beach bar on the beach and it is hard to find shops and restaurants around. The beach is guarded and is located within the national park. It is located in the south of Majorca, and not far from it is Playa de Es Perengons Petits, which is also open to naturism.

Playa des Mago – Portals Vells

Cala del Mago is a collection of coves. One of the beaches there is for nudists. There is a bar on the beach and the beach itself is sandy and small in size. The views are beautiful. What characterises this place is definitely the crystal clear water, yacht views, custom rock formations and beautiful caves carved into the cliffs. Getting to the beach is difficult unless you have a car. There is a car park behind the beach. The beach is located on the southwest of the island.

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is a beautiful, long and extensive beach located within a national park. It is situated in the north east of the island. It is surrounded by mountains and rocks. Nudists will certainly find a place for themselves right next to the rocks. Usually on such large beaches nudist zones are located in slightly isolated places. The beach is sandy, the water is clear, but quickly becomes deep. The beach is guarded and there is a bar. However, it is difficult to find restaurants or bars in the area. There are a few small shops.

Coll Baix

This bay is located on the northern part of the island. To reach it, unfortunately, you have to walk for about 2 hours one way. It is also possible to reach this bay by boat. The route is a bit exhausting due to its length, but the views are out of this world. The beach is hidden between high cliffs. There may be a larger number of people there in the summer, but still, they are not the crowds from the city beaches. It is definitely a nudist beach, unguarded. There are no restaurants, bars, toilets etc. It is worth buying everything before the trip!

Es Caragol

Platja Es Caragol is a slightly smaller, unspoilt beach. It is sandy, similar to Es Trenc. To go there, park your car at Faro de Ses Salines (Cap de Ses Salines) and walk to the right. After 15 minutes of walking you will see Caragol beach. Very pleasant, there will definitely be people on it, but not in large numbers. It is definitely a nudist beach. It is definitely harder to find someone dressed up on this beach. There are no bars, restaurants, toilets or lifeguard here either. It is not possible to get to this place by bus.

Cala Torta

This beach is located in the northeast of the island. It is not possible to get there by bus. However, there is free parking near the bay. Cala Torta is guarded and a bar is probably set up there in summer. However, I recommend to buy everything before the trip. From the car park you walk to the beach for about 10 minutes. The beach is sandy and the water is crystal clear. There are other bays nearby – Cala Estreta and Cala Mitjana – both of which can also be used by nudists. It only takes 10 minutes to walk from one beach to the other. Much further away is Cala Matzoc, which can also be reached on foot or by boat. The walk there takes around 30-40 minutes.

Cala Varques

Cala Varques is a famous nudist and hippie beach in Majorca. It is difficult to get to, as it cannot be reached by bus. You have to leave your car or other vehicle in a car park about 40 minutes walk from the beach. To get to the beach you have to cross some fences and walk through a small forest. Cala Varques is a sandy and rocky bay where you can meet nudists, hippies and once even cows. You can read more about it in my post. In addition, there is a huge natural bridge at Cala Varques, as well as caves. There are no shops, toilets or bars. A perfect place for nudists.

Platja des Dolc, Platja des Carbo, Platja de Ses Roquetes, Playa Es Dofi, Platja de Can Curt.

All the beaches mentioned above are located next to each other. It takes about an hour to walk from the first to the last one along the coastline. The beaches are located in the south of the island. They are all sandy, shallow and very unspoilt. Rarely besieged by masses of tourists (due to the longer route to the last beach). On some of them there are deckchairs, bars, toilets and lifeguards guarding the beach. However, going a bit further, nudists will definitely feel very free and safe. You can get there by parking your car near Platja Es Port or taking the bus. The beaches are characterised by white sand and natural zones behind them.

Cala Marmols

Cala Marmols is a bay that is located in the southeast of the island. To reach it, park your car at Cap de Ses Salines and then go left. After a 30-40 minute hike along the coastline, you will reach the bay. I describe the second, much shorter option in a post about this place. The beach is sandy, in some places there are stones. The water is crystal clear. There are no shops, bars, lifeguards or toilets on site. Due to the long hike, I recommend buying plenty of water and food. On site nudists will experience peace and relaxation. The beach is not very crowded.

Cala Murta, Cala Figuera – Formentor

Heading to Formentor on the way we pass two wild bays. Cala Figuera and Cala Murta. Both are wild, unspoilt and certainly open to naturism. Both are rocky, unguarded, with no bars or restaurants. The water is a beautiful colour and the setting is the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. While Cala Figuera is easier to reach as it takes about 15 minutes, Cala Murta can be reached in about 30. In my opinion, however, it is definitely worth it, as the places are breathtaking. Places ideal for people who love nature and live together with it in harmony.

Other nudist beaches in Mallorca are:
Llucalcari – Es Canyeret – west, bay near Cala Deia.
Playa de Son Real (Santa Margalida) – north-east, near Playa de Muro.
Cala Molto – north-east, next to Cala Agulla.

The places mentioned above in my opinion are less noteworthy. They are rocky and I know from experience that in most places on Mallorca, nudists always gather on the rocks or in desolate places. It can be cliffs, it can be rocks with a small natural pool or just a piece of sandy beach by the bushes – these places are usually chosen by people who love to sunbathe naked. And I have never seen anyone disgusted by this view in Mallorca.

Naturism in Mallorca.

Nudist beaches in Mallorca, but also in Spain in general, are the norm. For me, a person living on the island, it is nothing unusual. In the city beaches you will certainly not miss the sight of women sunbathing topless. Nudists, however, must have designated places where they can sunbathe naked. Probably from the text you have already learned that beaches for nudists on Mallorca are those desolate, hidden, among nature, virgin places on the island. Far from civilisation, bars, commercialism, etc..

Na pewno na Majorce znajduje się o wiele więcej miejsc, w których nudyści nie muszą obawiać się mandatów, jednak te wymienione w poście są moim zdaniem najbardziej atrakcyjne. Miłego opalania! Mam nadzieję, że plaże nudystów na Majorce stoją od teraz dla Was otworem.

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