What cruises on Majorca should you choose?

Majorca is a typical tourist island. People stay here practically exclusively from tourism. If you have heard the opinions that there is nothing to do here, unfortunately, but your sources are not reliable. The local attractions for tourists are well organized. You know, there will be an exception to the rule, but I have never encountered any unpleasant situation here. And every trip I used was adequate for my price. Today I will write you about cruises on Majorca that you can buy in each port.

Catamaran cruises in Sa Coma.

I live in S’illot, so the examples I will describe here will be based in this area. However, I immediately warn you – catamarans sail from almost every port in Mallorca and offer various routes. At least three routes in your area. I think that this is a fairly diverse choice for cruises on a ship. The prices are different, but in my opinion, adequate to what we get.

What do catamaran cruises on Mallorca look like?

There are several types of catamarans that you can swim. Most of them have Glass Bottom, or glass windows. On the lower deck of the ship, from which you can see fish, reefs, or even those who drown beside people. Each vessel has a bar where you can buy a modest meal and all kinds of drinks. Catamarans have plastic seats outside as well as inside. Usually, the best places are occupied (those near the railings). That’s why I immediately warn you that you can let down here. Catamarans also have slides, which can be used at stops for swimming. They last 15 minutes. On some cruises, it also affects “pirate” caves. I recommend then to place myself on the bow of the ship to admire the views. Ships stop in a few ports, where they get off and tourists get on.

You can buy Hop On, Hop Off tickets on the catamaran.

This means that you can get off at any port that you like. In a few hours hop on another running ship to return to the port from which you sailed. It is an ideal solution for people who do not rent a car or do not like to travel by bus.

Where do you buy tickets for boat cruises on Majorca?

Tickets can be bought on the same day or in advance. Residents have a 50% discount on each flight. Tickets are bought in booths that are placed in front of each port. They are usually wooden, so it’s easy to locate them. In larger ports, tickets are bought in specially prepared places.

What kind of cruises on Majorca You can choose and what are the prices?

We were leaving the port at Sa Coma. We bought the tickets on the same day, just before departure. There are three trips on offer:
– Sea Odyssey, a catamaran that flows from the port of Sa Coma. Then stops in the port of Cala Millor, then in Cala Bona. Then the Costa de los Pinos coast, Cala Roja flows and it stops for 15 minutes in Canyamel, where you can take a refreshing bath. The next stop is the Font de Sa Cala port and we finish the route in the port of Cala Ratjada. Then we go back to Sa Com. The cost of such a trip is 25 euros.

– Sea Adventure, the catamaran leaves the port of Cala Millor. The next stop is Sa Coma. We sail past Cala Morland, where there is a 15 minute bathing stop and then stop at the port of Porto Cristo. The next stop is the pirate cave, to which we enter the prow of the ship. The next port stop is Cala Romantica and we end up on the wild beach of Cala Varques, which is always full of yachts. Cost of this trip is 22 euros.
– Sea Paradise, differs from the Sea Adventure only in that the route ends in Cales de Mallorca, not on Cala Varques. We are moving a bit further and we can enjoy better views. The cost of this trip is 25 euros.
When we buy the Hop On, Hop Off option, prices change into hourly prices. The hour of the cruise costs 18 euros, 2-3.5 hours costs 22 euros, and 5 hours costs 25 euros.

Hours of ships departing from the Sa Coma port.

Below I’m putting a photo of the price list and ship schedule. The duration of the cruise is highlighted next to the hours. For example, at 10:00 am you can buy a cruise wherever you want, because on the right side we have the cruise duration from one hour up to four hours. However, at 15:45 you can buy a cruise only for one hour. At the very end, on the right, the prices in red are highlighted in red. We will pay 18 euros for a one-hour cruise. From a two-hour to three-hour cruise we will pay 22 euros, and from a four-hour to five-hour cruise we will pay 25 euros. Children under 3 are free, and children between 4 and 12 pay only 10 euros for each cruise.

Which cruises on Majorca do I recommend the most?

We went on a Sea Adventure cruise, because we have never visited Cala Varques before. Cala Varques is a hard-to-reach beach. To get to it, you have to walk 40 minutes, and you only get there by car. For this reason, I wanted to see this beach although from the sea. I’ll be honest. The views on me did not make much impression, because I live here and on a similar cruise in the area I already was. Therefore, for people who are going on holiday to Cala Millor, Sa Coma, S’illot or Cala Bona, I really recommend choosing Sea Odyssey, which ends at the port of Cala Ratjada. The rustic views are definitely nicer! The cruise may be long, but in my opinion it is definitely worth sacrificing.

What if you do not want to share your cruise with others?

In this case, there are many other options for renting yachts or catamaran excursions. Here I would like to recommend the Balearic Yacht Club offer. It is a company that is stationed in the beautiful port of Cala D’or in Mallorca. A big plus is that one of its owners is a Pole, Adrian. They have extensive experience and will be happy to answer any question. I also know that for those interested, they organize one-day stream trips around the corners of Majorca. Here I am inserting the link: https://balearicyachtclub.com/en/start/

Here, I am also sending you a link to the website, where different offers of cruises are highlighted. They start from different places. You can filter out the type of trip, the price of the trip, the length of the trip and the like. Take a look at: https://www.click-mallorca.com/en/activities/mallorca-boat-catamaran-trips/