Before You go on a holiday – part II
6. Cosmetics

We got used to traveling with hand luggage. That’s why the maximum capacity of one liquid cosmetic is 100ml, and together you can take 1l with you. This is not an entirely true information. All your liquid cosmetics should fit in a special foil purse. However, if the bag seems to be full, even though you took barely 1l with you, in containers of 100ml, the service can take away your cosmetics.


Therefore, remember, before you go on holiday, think about which cosmetics are the most needed! Things like toothpaste or shampoo and conditioner are easy to buy on the spot. Often at the airports after checking the luggage, you can go shopping and you’ll see mini shampoos, mini bath liquids – ideal for holidays. When it comes to hotels, I know that some of them (depending on the standard) offer cosmetics as room equipment. The same applies to hair dryers. I often took a hairdryer with me, and it turned out that I didn’t have to. You can check all of this out before your arrival. Just contact the owners of the object, and if it turns out that you have something missing – you have e-mails, which are proof that it was said to you ?

7. Clothes

A full suitcase is probably the norm. The “perfect way to pack my suitcase” on YouTube is also behind me. After all, I still have problems with it. I think, however, that this problem is only my fault, because I am a shopaholic. Vacation is the only opportunity where I can really go crazy when it comes to clothes. Every day in England, as I work on night shifts, I do not dress up extraordinarily. However, on vacay I love to change clothes and use the fact that I can show off a bit of my body.

Wherever I am, I always try to go sunbathing to catch some vitamin D.

In hotels, you also often have a laundry offer and a washing machine in rented rooms / apartments. Also, remember to check the weather before you go. Additionally, remember that if you have planned the whole trip and plan to explore, check what are the weather conditions there. We almost froze to death, during our trip to Teide Volcano on Tenerife ?. Maybe someday we will start rationally packing ourselfes ?

8. Sightseeing

Well, when you go somewhere and you are an active tourist, not the one lying on a deckchair, you should probably plan your entire stay. Even if your travel agency offers optional trips from the hotel. It should be remembered that it is not always the case that a trip will be available on a given day. Often trips are canceled because of the weather, sea conditions, for a small number of people. Or simply are organized only on Wednesday mornings, and you arrived on Wednesday afternoon and you leave on Sunday. Is it worth choosing an all-inclusive offer at the moment when you will spend every day on the road and eat in the city? Well, not really. Maybe it is better to rent a car and go somewhere on your own than to use expensive, organized tours?

9. Culture

Before you go anywhere, it is always worth finding out the minimum about the culture with which you will have to deal. Guidebooks, friends and the internet help in this. However, we are personally of the opinion that everything should be treated as an inspiration. You just need to be able to adapt to a given place – on the spot. It is obvious, of course, that in Egypt you should not walk in off shoulders t-shirts or that in some temples one should only walk barefoot.

What about restaurants?

Is the tip included or is it a must? Is the snack served to you together with the menu free or included in the price? Do you have to pay for it at the end? In some places on the earth even some gestures that are friendly to us, for them are a manifestation of aggression or hostility. Every human being is different, one should not judge the entire nationality through an experience caused by one person. Before you go anywhere, get familiar with the culture of the place. You can easily get into trouble by your own ignorance.

10. Safety

I do not mean to go to places that are not in a state of wa. Or in places that do not have a dangerous opinion in terms of terrorism. I mean, wherever you go, ALWAYS check what dangers will be waiting for you there. Disasters, people or animals. There are people in this world who are going to Egypt with an tanning accelerator instead of sunscreen with an SPF 10000 filter.

Not realizing that even though youre in standing in the shade you could get sunburnt.

Being alone in Mallorca, I stepped barefoot into the water, on the rocks. I admit that it was after a few drinks, but you know – walking barefoot on rocks you will always experience pain. The rocks are sharp. That same day I had a return flight home. I could not walk the next day. It turned out that my feet are all black from the sea urchins spikes. Yes, I stepped into sea urchins, a whole swarm of them.

I went to the doctor.

One told me that I would have to be operated with anesthesia from the waist down. I refused. At the hospital, I waited so long for the doctor that I just gave up and returned home. Gave into a series of homemade infusions and wraps on my aching feet. I will add that the next day I were to go to Malta.

I kept my spikes in my feet, but after a few days my body rejected them.

In Malta, together with friends, we spent the evenings pulling out single spikes from my feet with tweezers. I’m laughing at it now, but then it was no joke. It is not a huge pain, but walking and daily activities have made me more trouble than they should. If I had found out there might be Sea urchins. Or even if I knew what they looked like, then I would buy some special footwear?

I know that many of the things I mentioned above are simplicity.

I hope I didn’t bore you. I’m aware, however, that there are people who have no idea where to start. This is post is for them. Who knows, maybe the veterans of the journey have learned something. Maybe that you are not supposed to go barefoot on rocks on Mallorca ?