Cala Morlanda

Cala Morlanda is one of my favorite bays that I have seen so far. I liked it because of the rocks surrounding it on each side. It attracts me with her crystal clear water and depth. I have always admired places where you can still admire the bottom despite the depth. I’m not a person trusting in water. I always have distance to water and I feel a small fear entering into it. When a fish touches me, I start to panic and look around.

Maybe it’s a shark ?!

I am oversensitive at this point. In my childhood, I was afraid of moving away from the rest of the children bathering with me in ponds or lakes because I was afraid of drowning or being eaten by fish, or worse – touching algae! Ugh! Cala Morlanda also tempts divers. There are no fish here, such as on the beach in Egypt, but despite all the diving to admire fish can take several hours.

Cala Morlanda is just a 10-minute walk from S’illot.

The Cala Morlanda was recommended to us by Piotrek. We were a bit confused when after five minutes of walking on the promenade, which Piotrek was talking about, there was still no sign of a beautiful bay. Around us there was only steep stones and scary waves that crashed on them. After a few-minute trip, we enter the estate. The promenade ends. However, instead of going deep into the estate, you should go to the coast. Then we’ll get to Cala Morlanda.

This is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

In front of your eyes there will be a view of the bay surrounded by small cliffs. Ships and yachts will drift at sea. Stairs forged from the stone will lead to the bay. The beach is not sandy, it is rocky. I will add that these are not small stones, just boulders. It is difficult to find a comfortable place, but the bay has its charm. Between the stones you can see cancers, but when we get to the water, only the sand will be underfoot.

Cala Morlanda is rather deep, I would not recommend it to smaller children.

I mean babies or children who will not be able to walk over the rocks to the water themselves. There is also a diving course on this beach, and interestingly, it’s run by Poles 🙂 If I can find them, at the end I will paste a link to their site. The bay is surrounded by cliffs high for a few meters. Which is why it is one of the favourite places of local teenagers, to jump into the water. On the right side of the bay there is a small garden, inconspicuous. However, it has some magic in it.

I recommend going there with children so that they can experience it.

In the garden, in the middle is a small square, and in the middle of this square there is a special place where you should stand and say a word. Only a person standing in this designated place will find out what will happen after this. This place is not marked in any way. I found out about it thanks to my boyfriend who lived in the area of ​​10 years. I think that children will have a lot of fun and a riddle to guess.

If you are looking for a place where you would like to stay for your holidays, I would recommend the S’illot area, including Cala Morlanda.

I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Everything is literally at your fingertips. There is also a large LIDL in the area, so if anyone of you plans to buy cheap ingredients for dinner, you’ve come to the right place. This part of Majorca is well-kept, full of beautiful views and attractions. A well-organized public transport is provided and tourist information can be found here. The perfect place for a family holiday as well as for couples, or singles seeking adventures;) Who knows, maybe when you come to Majorca lonely, and you will leave with your partner for life?